Agave TinQture CBD 100:1 REC
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Agave TinQture CBD 100:1 REC


We were one of the first in the industry to bring a CBD dominant tincture to everyone back in 2015! marQaha Agave TinQture CBD contains a powerful dose of CBD (1000 MG approx) and a small amount of THC (10 MG approx) that can be taken anywhere on the go.

Product Highlights:


100% Coconut based MCT (rainforest friendly)

Ethically Grown and Environmentally Sourced*

Powered by plantrica's 1) enQap 2) nanoTeQ 

3) eQuilib 4) Qerpene

0% palm oil 

Gluten Free

Sugar Free


1000 MG of CBD and 10 MG of THC per 2 OZ bottle


* One major component of our tinctures is the base being MCT derived from 100% coconuts. This is a more expensive option but allows us to be a better company for both humans and the environment. Most MCT in the world uses a blend of coconut and palm oil (a cheaper option) and is one of the world’s leading causes of Orangutan habitat and rainforest destruction.

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